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Thursday, May 5, 2011

woots... so long nv blogging le haha i love my boyfriend ^^ although we might quarrel bt i still like him =) love the way he care for me. <3 haiz bt many things happened jus quitted my job gonna find a proper full time job if nt veri sian n useless =)  so gonna find a proper job earn more money hehe. Mother day comin liao lo dunno wat to buy for my mum and my bf mum lei haiz headache lei?? dunno wat can i say le end here le

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Monday, December 13, 2010

woos... it been so long i didn't came to my blog haiz everything is goin fine bt feel that i have NO LIFE at all haha cuz everyday sch work sch work wat a BORING life i have bt anyways i m quitting sch soon dunno should i b happy or wat and i know myself veri well i dun wanna study i won regret of quittin sch jus feel so soory for my teacher who teaching me i have let my teacher down bt no choice this is me i have to choose my own path and this is the path i choose for my own so i cant blame anyone nxt time haiz wat should i say lei ........ haha gonna prepare myself heading to work later le =) hope everything goes well later =P

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

back from blogging was tired yts haha cuz the day before was on pone with jonathan liu till 5plus after we hang up i can't slp so till 6plus den slp and around 9plus or 10plus in the morning i was awake =( so after that meet juvie at tm at 2plus den went there walk walk and  after that  went to eat POPEYES haha it was nice and after that we headed to marina square to shop and take pic till 6plus going 7 juvie went off first bt she still send me to kbox there first thanks juvie i love ya damm much wahaha after that went to sing kbox with jia yu till 10plus and headed home as she working the nxt day but i headed to meet cynthai, davin,yan ping and her bf went to cp to eat dinner and after went to slack  bt davin n yan ping n her bf went off first den me n cynthia slack awhile more jiu go home as i m tired too cuz today meeting them again wahahaha but this few day feels that i am not the old me i becoming bad to worse dunno why jus feels that ?? finally exam finish le if nt i m more stress =)

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Monday, August 23, 2010

haiz so long nv been blogginf le nw come here to blog again =) erm so stress for my sch work so many thing i still so blur and exam comin soon and yet i still dunno anything and dun have the mood to study OMG!! wat happen to me i have change alot also keep dun feel like going sch den like skip lesson like that i know i should nt do that bt i still done it and soon i going to get debarred soon i think =( dunno wat to say also haiz many thing is making me confuse and upset too bt i have no1 to talk to?? and i dunno who to talk to also. should i give him a chance?? i have many thought bt i m scare also cuz i dun really trust guys too!! haiz dunno la dun wanna think of this matters le make me damm no mood also?? and also make me can"t slp well haiz.... this few days i have been listening all my frenz problem and trying to comfort them bt i m the who whoo nds ppl too bt i think no1 know about me feeling down too bahz haiz end here le dun wish to say more too

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

back to posting actually wanna quit sch bt in the end seem like i gt to continue my study =( teachers nag at me tell me to continue study. plus i dunno wat i wan nxt time so is better to get a higher nitec cert lols make me so confuse sia hiaz dunno la i will see how first unless i really cannot cope or really dun wanna study den i will decide again bahz!! meanwhile lets talk wat i recently do haha recently went out to eat supper with the j"s=Jia wen, Jia yu, Jason & ben haha den went to watch midnight movie & sing KBOX have lots lots of fun with them haha we jokes & play around wahahaha LOVES so much to go out with them looking 4ward for this FRIDAY MIDNIGHT movie again waahhahaha its fun =) WEE~ WEE~ will nt say much will post some pic.....

me & jia wen

xiu wen, jia wen, jia yu, me

JIA YU!! hehe

me & jia wen

me, jia wen & jia yu

jia wen me & jia yu
jia wen & me

jia wen & me
me & jia wen

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Am i making the correct or wrong decision? i dunno? but i still prefered work den study! hope when i really quit sch i won regret cuz this is my ow decision. Many things have to thing b4 i do bt i m really confuse with it. if i nt interested in the course den i take also no use is like wasting my time money so y nt i choose a path 4 my own and no matter wat happen after that i cannot regret 7 blame mny parents as they ask me to continue study too. =( Hope everything will b fine 4 me. i know my frenz wanted me to stay she say she will b alone after i left and no 1 to talk to if she have problem seriously no u r nt alone u have many frenz in class n i m the onw who get left out not u & u dunno tat i m left out so it is useless to tell me stay and thre no reason to stay in the course if i m so bored & when have thing i duno hw to do u also nv teach me n yet u blame me do so little thing wth is this LOLS!! i will still quit sch no matter wat if u still wan as ur frenz den respect my decision & if u really nd me to talk to u. You are always most welome & u can call me or msg i will still reply u  een i nt in the sch anymore. if nt den u can choose someone u r close with her in the class to talk to i know nt only me u r close with u have some other too. in th my decision will still b quiting sch

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Friday, July 9, 2010

haiz this few day mood nt so gd many thing in my mind =( I HATE GOING TO SCHOOL!! dunno y i felt so left out in the class. m i too anti social or wat? haiz suddenly feel that i m in the wrong class they are totally differnt from me if i could choose again i might nt wan to choose event management  as i dunno wat m i learning nw!! any1 can tell me think i gonna fail the whole exam....... lucky i still have y j's= jia yu, jia wen, juvie, jason if nt i think my lifes really sucks!! cuz all these day i was always with them and i m happy den in sch i won feel so left out with them & during sch i feel left out sometime bt i dun dare to tell my frenz as i dun wanna quarrel with them so i jus keep quiet. SERIOUSLY I WANNA QUIT SCH! someone nw is lost i ca't find him. can say worry 4  him as a frenz bt i dunno where is he =( hope he is fine? hope nth happen to him =( OMG!! my MOOD nw is so BAD BAD BAD!! FEEL like finding some1 to talk to? =(=(

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